Epson status monitor 3

Epson status monitor 3

Indicates the remaining functional life of the photoconductor unit. Displays only your jobs that have finished printing. Status Monitor has been disabled in the printer driver. When you attempt to print, we recommend using Notepad , Paint , or Wordpad. Are you an end user or business customer?

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The Status Monitor window displays the current Ink Levels and printer status. If moniyor icon for your Epson printer is not present, the driver is not installed. If the language selection window appears, select your country.

Monitoring Your Printer with EPSON Status Monitor 3

Status Monitor does not operate properly or reports an error - WindowsXP and Vista Troubleshooting Printer-related Communication Issues in Windows Vista For more information on error messages refer to your user guide, available from the Epson website.

If any of the ink cartridges installed in the printer is broken, incompatible with the printer model, or improperly installed, EPSON Status Monitor 3 will not display an accurate calculation of the ink cartridge status. Once you've confirmed that Status Monitor is installed, right-click on the Status Monitor icon, select your printer and then left-click Printer S etting One or more of the ink cartridges are Empty.

At the bottom of the window check the option for Allow monitoring of shared printers.

Both of these have different icons to click on. Note that some browsers may download the file automatically to your desktop or other folder on your PC. The Monitoring Preferences dialog box appears. Once you have downloaded the file, monitof on it and then follow the on-screen instructions to extract and install the files.

Using EPSON Status Monitor 3

Once this button is clicked, the Status Alert window will not disappear even after a problem is cleared. Click the Monitoring Preferences button.

Click on the Properties button which will bring up a display with 4 tabs. You cannot use this function in the following situations:. Has been successfully added to your basket Continue shopping Go to checkout.

If there is more than one moonitor for your Epson printer, such as Epson Stylus xxx Series and Epson Stylus xxx Series Copy 1we recommend viewing article Multiple copies of the Driver are listed in the Printers folder.

The text box next to the printer image displays the current status of the printer.

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If there are no errors then the Status Monitor should display the current status of the printer and how much ink is remaining: On the Applications tab only, highlight each program in turn and click on End Task.

If it reports a "Communication error" then there may be a epsno which is stopping Status Monitor from operating. The print job which is being spooled on your computer. Enable the setting 'Allow monitoring of shared printers'.

Click on Monitoring Preferences. Sometimes you may find it useful to remove or replace a developer cartridge before it is empty. Disclaimer It is assumed that users are familiar with the operating system they epsoj using and comfortable with making the suggested changes.

When this function is enabled, the notify dialog box appears after your print job is completed. Contact Us Submit your contact details below and an Epson expert will be in touch: Your system is configured to support bidirectional communication.

Displays the name of the computer montor to the printer. How to open the Epsoj or Printers and Faxes folder in Windows. The icon you select appears on the right side of the task bar. See one of the following Related Article for help: If you do not want this window to appear, select the Do not display the confirming window check box in the confirmation window. Do not clear the Monitor the printing status check box.



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