Berlin audio guide

Berlin audio guide

Karisa Nicholls What sets VoiceMap apart from any other walking tour app is that their tours are stories told by locals themselves. All audio guides Luxembourg City Peppange Schengen. Walk along with him, across the world! Jeremy L I loved the tour, bought all of the New Orleans ones you had and have already recommended it to two people.

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It was a lot of fun and although we live in Berlin we learned things that we had never heard about before. Guide away on iOS and Android!


Welcome to the tour of Berlin's Stammstrecke. Rather than being an isolating kind of technology, I came away with the feeling that I'd connected with a real person. Victoriaans Londen in de voetsporen guidde Dickens, auteur die het heeft vereeuwigd.

We will certainly recommend this app to our friends. VoiceMap is a fantastic audio storytelling concept for both those who want to experience the unique intimacy of a GPS triggered walking tour, and for those who guids to create them. Matthew McLean VoiceMap is a fantastic guiee storytelling concept for both those who want to experience the unique intimacy of a GPS triggered walking tour, and for those who want to create them.

Berlin Audio Guide and Map

Netherlands Amsterdam The Hague. Can't wait to be doing more of audo in the future. All audio guides Dar es Salaam Songea. All audio guides Reykjavik.

Berlin city tours |

Why are we drawn to certain cities? Philippa Campsie Creating VoiceMap walking tours has been a smooth process, both in terms of the software, which is straightforward and largely intuitive, and the personal support from VoiceMap staff, who are competent and helpful. VoiceMap brings the neighborhood, the city, the world to life by offering an eye-level perspective: Dynamic, cosmopolitan and just a little bit decadent, Berlin is one of the fastest changing cities in Europe.

All audio guides Vientiane. Home Search Sitemap download contact Partner. Berlin - out to Potsdam, the Olympic Stadium and much more.

It's a young city, it's a trendy city, it's a green one, a vibrant one, full of art and architecture, but most and foremost, it shaped 20th century history like nothing else. On this walk through the district, My walk with VoiceMap gave me access to stories bberlin histories that I could never have glimpsed otherwise.

Berlin Audio Tours

This walk takes you on a ramble through the vivid history of working-class Wedding, one of the most underrated neighbourhoods in Berlin. Each story is simply a single grain of sand, but each is also a lens that reflects and refracts a dazzling world beyond. Representing a New Germany: Bezoek de sites van Southwark, meer dan jaar geschiedenis van Londen.

If you like, download the famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech by John F. Dante Greeff VoiceMap is a truly unique, immersive travel experience that breathes berliin life into city streets and historic districts. All audio guides Capitol Hill.

Matthew Affolder I love the VoiceMap platform because it looks slick, it works well, and the people behind it are really dedicated. Puerto Rico San Juan. All audio guides Panama. Evelyn Rose For neighborhood historians, VoiceMap is an essential tool for immersing visitors in our local history. All audio guides Apia. All audio guides Higuey Santo Domingo. All audio guides Larnaca Nicosia Paphos.

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